Spend Automation

Simplifying spend management 

A new breed of cloud Procurement Solution with time-to-value in days, on-demand resources and “Pay as You Save” pricing, the Spend Automation™ Platform has everything you need to control and optimize all types of spend across your organization.

Spend Automation



Procurement may be decentralized with limited headcount and limited procurement technology. Seeking a cost effective spend management solution to automate purchasing with access to on-demand specialists to optimize spend.
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Centralized or centre-led Procurement team with specializations and tools to manage strategic spend. Seeking a solution to manage and optimize Tail Spend – comprising tactical, spot-buy and repeat purchases across organization.
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With businesses spending 70% of Revenue with suppliers, Procurement is a top priority for everyone.

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Operational in days

The platform is configured and operational in days and with our remote deployment capability we don’t even need to come to site. Users process their purchasing needs via a user-friendly interface which controls corporate spend.


Fees hardwired to customer success

Fees are linked to spend and savings, which means that businesses of any size can access the technology and discounts without the cost barriers associated with traditional procurement systems.

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Access sourcing specialists

Rather than hiring it makes sense to use on-demand category specialists to manage a purchase, from the RFQ to contract award to get the right deal. Access sourcing specialists, buyers and analysts from our BuyDesk hubs to boost performance when you need them.

Optimizing All Types of Spend
Spend Analytics segments supplier spend into 4 spend zones: Strategic, Tactical, Marketplace and Expenses.
Strategic Spend Zone
The Strategic Spend Zone typically represents 60-70% of an organization’s spend, but only 5-10% of the transactions and suppliers. Our BuyDesk Sourcing Specialists have specific subject matter expertise and deploy state of the art digital sourcing tools to source this spend. And use project management and savings tracking tools so that the customer can follow progress and see the benefits.
Tactical Spend Zone
Tactical spend comprises urgent but not necessarily important spend.
Infrequent or one-off in nature, aka Spot Buys, this spend consumes a lot of effort and detracts from higher value strategic activities.
Spend Automation offers an entirely digital experience for requisition to purchase order with spend channelled to preferred vendors already pre-configured in the system, or the BuyDesk competes spend with alternate suppliers to drive out savings.
Marketplace Spend Zone
Our Marketplace provides a self-service purchasing environment with a consumer-style shopping experience for standard, repeatable spend. Customers benefit from Simfoni’s leveraged purchasing power with access to a wide range of commonly purchased items or add their own custom catalogs.
Expenses and Pcards Zone
Purchasing Cards are a great way to reduce transactional costs for low value items, but they also hide a lot of non-compliant, unnecessary or non-competed expenditure. Our expense management solution enables the best of both worlds enabling seamless transactions whilst retaining full visibility of expenditure.
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