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Platform – Spend Automation & Tail Spend Management Solutions

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Simfoni Spend AutomationTM Platform

Don’t waste time managing spend. Automate it.

Simfoni Spend Automation is a unique on-demand platform used by large and medium enterprises to automate purchasing processes, optimize spend and boost cashflows.
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Simfoni Spend AutomationTM

A modular cloud purchasing platform with our
integrated BuyDesk Autonomous Sourcing Engine and
Marketplace for Catalog Purchasing

Spend Automation™ is game changing

Spend Automation™ has revolutionized the way procurement technology is acquired and implemented with a cloud-based platform that is operational in days that works with any ERP and existing eProcurement system with ‘Pay As You Save’ pricing and a guaranteed ROI.
We have dismantled the traditional software model with no big upfront licensing and system integration fees, thus removing barriers to entry for all types of customer. Buying a software license and annual maintenance is yesterday’s news.
Savings fund the technology. Spend Automation™ adds immediate firepower to purchasing operations across total spend or tail spend, delivering rapid and sustainable cost savings for a simple monthly fee linked to demand with a guaranteed ROI.


BuyDesk is an autonomous AI sourcing engine used to manage bids of any value


Plug & play deals with preferred vendors and discounts for commonly ordered items

A Powerful Combination of Technology, Content and Expertise

Multi-Channel & Multi-Device

Raise purchase requests through any channel of preference, mobile app, desktop, email or even phone call; we support them all. Reporting and analytics is available in desktop and mobile app.

Global Capability

Our BuyDesk hubs in San Francisco, Chicago, London, Dubai and Melbourne support our regional and global customers across all industries and most spend categories.


Spend Automation can run as a standalone application or integrated with ERP or eProcurement systems through simple file transfer or through APIs.

Fast Savings

Marketplace offers catalog purchasing with access to preferred suppliers and pre-negotiated deals on a wide range of commonly purchased items, plus the customer can add their existing supply deals.

‘Pay as You Save’

The service can scale up and down aligned with demand – removing fixed costs and providing flexibility - perfect for today’s volatile environment.

Virtual Sourcing

An autonomous sourcing engine with access to virtual category expertise to source quotes from our network of suppliers.

Spend Automation eProcurement technology

Spend Automation lives in the cloud and offers full eProcurement functionality with modular delivery options suitable for both Large and Medium Enterprises.
The platform can handle an organization’s entire spend or be focused on specific areas of spend such as tail-spend purchases, indirect spend or complex categories. Objectives can be tailored around generating rapid savings, mitigating risk and increasing vendor diversity. 
The customer choses what functionality to implement with the option to add modules and functionality at any time include purchase orders, contracts, spend analytics and project tracking.

BuyDesk Autonomous Sourcing

BuyDesk is an Autonomous AI Sourcing Engine which automates the bid management process. BuyDesk boosts productivity by automating sourcing activity across both strategic spend and tail spend purchases which releases your team to focus on their priorities.
BuyDesk includes configuration options based on spend type and customer preference.


Demand Driver

What is it suited to?

How it works

Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor Sourcing™ empowers users to source within a controlled environment.

Our bot guides user through the process to publish the RFQ and select a preferred quote.

Users who want to create and run their own sourcing events using an automated bid platform.

Lower value tail-spend sourcing with low to medium complexity bids where procurement have limited value-add, where it makes sense for the user to run their own events within a controlled ‘safe harbor’ environment.

Spend may include engineering parts and services, plant maintenance, local transportation services, contractors and contingent labor.

Safe Harbor is a controlled environment where users are empowered to run their own online sourcing events.

Our bot guides the user through the process to define requirements, add vendors and publish the Request for Quote.

Safe Harbor controls are set by the customer with the ability to add a Commercial Guardian who is added automatically based on value/category to have oversight over the process, budget and new vendor requests.

BuyDesk Autonomous

BuyDesk automates sourcing of tactical purchases to source rapid quotes and to drive-out savings.

The platform recommends specifications based on spend history and adds vendors from Category Cards.

User has a tactical sourcing requirement for an item or service and needs product and supply options and rapid quotes.

Mid value tactical, infrequent and one-time purchases where the user needs support to quickly source vendors, comparable products and quotes. Spend may include IT equipment, marketing promotions and events, print, IT hardware, MRO.

Unless the process is automated then this creates a transactional burden for the organization.

User raises a requisition and the BuyDesk AI sourcing engine algorithms does the rest.

Our bot flips the requisition into an online Request for Quote and checks for existing vendor agreements and benchmark pricing.

Approved vendors are added from Category Cards which include customer vendors and alternate Simfoni diverse and minority vendors.

Bids are returned within 24-48 hours with the user able to select their preferred quote.

BuyDesk Category

On-demand category experts are on hand to manage higher value sourcing.

Our experts collaborate with users to define requirements, assess supply markets and source suppliers with managed sourcing events run through the BuyDesk sourcing engine.

User wants to achieve the level of savings enjoyed by their larger peers on their more complex and high value spend.

Where additional firepower and category expertise is needed to manage sourcing activity.

Where competition needs to be introduced to drive competition to deliver targeted benefits.

Spend may include raw materials, IT systems, transportation, engineered components, design and creative services and professional services.

Our AI Sourcing Engine automates the entire process aided by category expertise to optimize value and savings.

The platform includes options to use online auction events. Our on-demand experts work with users to define the requirement and to design the sourcing event.

BuyDesk Workbench

An automated workbench ensures that users receive quotes as fast as possible with most bids completed within 24-48 hours.
The bid process is completely automated with vendors added to the RFQ from electronic Category Cards which can include customer’s preferred suppliers. Requesters can see the status of bids and submit questions to bidders and run multiple bid rounds until they make their selection.
BuyDesk Workbench


Access to Preferred Suppliers and Online catalogs

Marketplace yields immediate purchase savings.

Users can browse approved Marketplace content which offers a consumer-style experience for standard, repeatable spend. Marketplace can host content for all spend categories, or for tail-spend categories for larger enterprise customer organizations. 

Customers can also add their own catalogs into the Marketplace.

Benefit from Simfoni’s leveraged purchasing power with access to a range of preferred suppliers and commonly purchased items including Office Supplies, MRO, Print, Travel, Couriers, IT Hardware and Consumables.


Contract & Supplier Management Benefits

Contract and Supplier Management

With the Contract Management module you can store all supplier contracts within an online repository which also tracks expiry of all agreements.

Ready to go pricing across a wide range of commonly used Spend Categories.

We can benchmark our pricing compared to customer’s existing vendors. Customers can switch to our Marketplace deals from ‘Day 1’ to benefit from immediate savings. We have a broad range of some of the top-name suppliers in the market. Supply deals include, but are not limited to the following:

Supplier Diversity

Making A Difference

Source Local: reduce risk, lower eco-impact, improve supplier diversity

Supplier Diversity

Support for minority and diverse suppliers

The ability to source from minority and diverse suppliers is important to us. Local sourcing offers additional benefits by mitigating supply risk and lowering carbon footprint. Our regional BuyDesks operate across the US, Europe, Australia and the Middle East which means that we can source from local markets, which is especially important when sourcing lower value tail spend requirements which due to the nature of these purchases need to be sourced from local suppliers.

Local suppliers are given the opportunity to bid for relevant goods and services within our platform. The supplier receives an email with a link to upload their quotation. It’s as simple as that. Improvements in supplier diversity engagement are tracked and reported in analytics dashboards which is typically priority KPI for most organizations.

Want to learn more about the benefits of Spend Automation? Let’s Talk.

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