The Problem With Procurement

The Problem With Procurement

Over 80% of purchasing processes can be automated yet organizations have been slow to digitize due to high software license fees and implementation costs, lengthy timelines, and sketchy ROI.


The Problem With Procurement


Organizations miss out on up to 10% EBITDA points due to high purchase prices and high AP costs with the manual, labor-intensive purchasing process, not to mention the risks associated with rogue purchasing.

Spend Automation™ has revolutionized the way procurement technology is acquired and implemented with a cloud-based platform that is operational in days that work with any ERP and existing eProcurement system with ‘Pay As You Save’ pricing and a guaranteed ROI.

Spend Automation™ is game-changing…

We have dismantled the traditional model with no big upfront software licensing and system integration fees, thus removing barriers to entry.

Savings fund the technology. Spend Automation™ adds immediate firepower to purchasing operations, delivering rapid and sustainable cost savings for a simple monthly fee linked to demand with a guaranteed ROI.


At last, organizations of any size can enjoy the level of automation and lower purchase prices enjoyed that were previously out of reach.

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